Svastha Sudha (Aayurvedic) E-Book Download Free

 Svastha Sudha (Aayurvedic) E-Book Download Free  According to the changing lifestyle of today, many questions have arisen against our health today. It is natural to worry about health at such times. Today we are all accustomed to allopathic medicines. If there is no one to cure the same side effects of these medicines, then Ayurveda is Ayurveda. In today’s life, our lifestyle has made our thoughts about our health. This book, this book has talked about 500 health-related physical health and well-being in health. Expert Doctor’s Experience and Guidance Ayurveda Agarwal has discussed all these issues with the book. In general, we are taking care of the ailment body. In today’s fastest time, if we can get warned before the disease, we should be protected from disease. If we are, we can not do good in any field. This book will prove to be very useful to everyone.

Svastha Sudha (Aayurvedic) E-Book Download Free 

The text of this health Sudha book is clear and effective and effective. Everybody who understands this book has also covered small things in the book . What are the causes of the disease ? How to care for the patient ? What can be done to live a healthy life ? What is the right way to eat ? How much is needed ? According to Ayurveda , according to daily body and balance of natural body , there is full information about fasting and fasting . And easily read in a mobile computer or a laptop . If you like this book , then share it with other friends.

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  • half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to a teaspoon of honey Mix and eat at night before going to bed .
  • Dandruff Apply camphor and coconut oil . It can also be applied every night before bed

Dark Circles

  • Mix orange juice with glycerin and apply under eyes

Severe headache

  • Peel an apple and grate it . Mix a little salt in it and eat it on an empty stomach in the morning . Flatulence – Mix 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in water and drink Sore throat – Boil 2-3 basil leaves in water and rinse with that water . Mouth Ulcers – A mixture ripe banana and honey gives immediate relief . It can also be made into a paste and applied to the mouth.

Hair Whitening

  • Cut dry amla in half , boil it in coconut oil and then massage it into the hair.

High BP

  • Take 3 grams fenugreek seed powder with water morning and evening . There are benefits to taking this for fifteen days . This is also beneficial in diabetes.

Drinking Coconut Water Relieves Acidity.

 The divide is very beneficial for acidity. If acidity takes place, the divide should be sucked.

 Eating jaggery, nuts, and lemons cures, bananas' acidity quickly.

Boil a few mint leaves in water.  Drink this water daily after meals.  There will be a benefit in ACDT.

The problem of acidity is more due to eating and drinking.  So eating heavier foods should be avoided.  Dinner should be taken three hours before bedtime at night during acidity so that the food can be broken down well.  Even after an embrace this prescription, if the acidity does not get better, you demand to ask a doctor.

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These 4 amulets cure acidity 1. Decrease the intake of tea-coffee If you are facing the most metabolism-related problems, deplete less tea and coffee. Because its intake amplifies the problems associated with the stomach.  Extreme intake of it can cause you many natural problems.  

Eat Less Starch an Items with more carbs can be bad for your stomach.  If you can eat more oily foods than you demand, it can make your condition worse and amplify stomach similar problems. 

In arrange to keep the digestive system healthy, one should avoid eating fried foods and eat a maximum amount of vegetables and fruits.  3. Don't eat gas-bring things There are some things that can cause gas in your stomach.  Beans, Broccoli, and cauliflower are the only vegetables that cause gas.  In addition, extreme consumption of garlic and onions can also be adverse.