Army Salute: Why Jal, Thal and Air Force salute differently, know the reason behind it

 Army Salute: Republic Day celebrations are going on today on the path of duty. Meanwhile, the President saluted the Indian Army. So today the parade is going on and in it we all see that three armies of India are parading and saluting the tricolor.

Let us tell you that the way of saluting the three armies i.e. Jal, Thal and Vayu is different. This manner of salutation has a distinct significance. That's why today we are going to tell you about Indian Army Salute. So let's find out why all the three armies give different salutes and what is their significance.

Indian Thal Army

Army officers and soldiers always salute with open paw and right hand. During the salutation, all their fingers are open forward and the thumb is joined together. This is a way of showing respect to superiors and subordinates. Along with this he also states that there is no weapon in his hand.

Indian Navy

During the Indian Navy salute the palm is placed on the head in such a way that an angle of 90 degrees is formed between the palm and the ground. The reason behind this salute is to hide the dirty palms of sailors and soldiers working in the navy. While working on the ship many times the hands of seamen get dirty with grease and oil.

Indian Air Force

The Indian Air Force introduced a new form of salute in the year 2006 for all its soldiers and officers. Earlier Air Force's salute system was similar to that of the Army. Now Air Force personnel salute in such a way that their palms form an angle of 45 degrees from the ground. This can be called a salute between Army and Navy.

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